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As demands rise within industries across the board, so, too, do the demands for their equipment. At Manufacturers Distributor, Inc., we stand ready to meet your industrial needs.

As such, mdi is a proud distributor for WorldWide Electric Motors. With over 25 years of experience as a global supplier of electric motors, WorldWide Electric has a motor for every industry and application, from Agriculture and Construction to Renewable Energy and Oil and Gas. Alongside the wide selection of WorldWide and Hyundai Premium Efficiency motors, WorldWide Electric also provides all the necessary accessories and gear for your motor system, such as starters, variable frequency drives, pilot devices, switches, reducers, and other accessories and parts.

WorldWide Electric manufactures the best motors on the market, and mdi is your source. Let mdi be your guide, and we will offer you the solutions to keep your business in gear.

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Hyundai Medium Voltage Motors is owned and operated by Manufacturers Distributor, Inc (mdi). We exist to help you with the Selection and Purchase of your WorldWide Electric products.

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