Flange Input-Shaft Output - Cast Iron Worm Gear Reducers

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Flange Input-Shaft Output

Cast Iron Worm Gear Reducers

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  • Features

    • 5:1-60:1 ratios
    • Box sizes 1.33-3.25
    • One piece #Fc20 all cast iron housing
    • Embedded double-lip oil seals
    • Double bearings used on both shaft ends
    • Anti-rust primer applied inside and outside gearbox
    • S45C carbon steel shafts
    • Albc3 aluminum-bronze gear
    • Interior oil channel guide directly and constantly lubes bearings
    • Tapered roller bearing on output and input shafts
    • All angle-radiused mounting holes
    • Air dry special black paint
    • Shaft sleeve protects all shafts
    • Compact design - compact space capability
    • Units filled with Mobil # SHC634 synthetic oil
    • Universal interchangeability
    • 1-year warranty

  • Technical Specifications

    Coming Soon!

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