IEC Overload Relays SIRIUS 3RB20 Solid State - Contactors & Overload Relays

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IEC Overload Relays SIRIUS 3RB20 Solid State

Contactors & Overload Relays

The 3RB20 solid-state overload relays are suitable for customers from all industries who want to provide optimum inverse-time delayed protection of their electrical loads under normal and heavy starting conditions, minimize project completion times, inventories and power consumption, and optimize plant availability and maintenance management.

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  • Features

    • 1 NO and 1 NC auxiliary contacts
    • Manual / automatic reset
    • Trip indicator
    • STOP button
    • Test function
    • Sealable cover

  • Technical Specifications
    Model Trip Class Terminal Type Overload Amp Range
    3RB2056-1FW2 Class 10 Pass Through Windows 50-200
    3RB2056-1FC2 Class 10 Busbar 50-200
    3RB2056-2FW2 Class 20 Pass Through Windows 50-200
    3RB2056-2FC2 Class 20 Busbar 50-200
    3RB2066-1GC2 Class 10 Busbar 55-250
    3RB2066-1MC2 Class 10 Busbar 160-630
    3RB2066-2GC2 Class 20 Busbar 55-250
    3RB2066-2MC2 Class 20 Busbar 160-630

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