Multifunction Keypad - Variable Frequency Drives

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Multifunction Keypad

Variable Frequency Drives

This product is READY TO RUN. You can access any parameters on any drive. PID setting drive copy lets you save all drive parameters in the keypad so you can easily load them back on the drive. You can also see your transducer in PSI units.

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  • Features

    • Multiline multifunctional backlit LCD display
    • Extended I/O availability:
      - 12 digital DC inputs
      - 4 analog inputs
      - 6 relay outputs
    • Keypad operation:
      - Start / Stop
      - Hand / Auto
      - Forward / Reverse (soft key)
      - 4 function keys for custom operation
    • User friendly interface:
      - Plain English programming
      - Parameter menu for intuitive navigation
      - Numeric keypad for direct data input
      - Text-based parametre settings
    • Detailed trip information:
      - Identifies source of error
      - Detailed current, frequency and DC link voltage at time of trip
      - Time stamped trip history for three most recent trips
    • PID scaling and set point limits:
      - Set transducer range in PSI
      - Set limit on PID set point
    • User set memory:
      - Save drive settings to the keypad for download at a later time
    • I/O monitoring:
      - View input and output terminal status, as well as analog voltage and current input, from a single screen
    • PID loop
    • Speed control potentiometer
    • Pump jack application firmware
    • 24/7 timer for automatic control
    • Dual speed control limit switch input

  • Technical Specifications

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