VBII Safety Switches - Safety & Transfer Switches

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VBII Safety Switches

Safety & Transfer Switches

VBII safety switches are built to last. Everything about the VBII safety switch has been designed for the engineering and installer. We have rolled the enclosure’s metal edges and corners to minimize cuts, nicks, and scrapes to the installer’s hands and conductors. We have added generous wiring gutters to meet or exceed UL and NEC wire bending space requirements.

The enclosure is more rigid and resilient and all parts are replaceable for easier service. Our quick-make quick-break switching action coupled with our double break visible blade design ensures reliable operation in both general duty and heavy duty applications.

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  • Features

    • Highly visible easy-to-grip handle
    • Visible blade construction
    • Door opens greater than 180°
    • All copper current-carrying parts on heavy duty switches (except wire grips) (Heavy Duty models only)
    • Quick-make, quick-break mechanism
    • 200% optional neutrals (200-600 Amps)
    • Positive two- and three-point mounting
    • Padlock style cover latch and handle
    • Generous wiring gutter
    • Front removable lugs which can easily be converted to copper body or compression type lugs
    • Lugs suitable for copper or aluminum at 60°C or 75°C
    • Replacement parts

  • Technical Specifications

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